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Love / iheartfaces

"You love me. Real or not real?"
 I tell him, "Real."
-Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins


So, I know I've been a little neglectant. To be honest I went on a picture taking hiatus. Judging by the looks of my photos you probably wouldn't think so, but none-the-less, it was one. I felt like I was in a sort of slump, somewhat uninspired. Partly because I've been so busy and partly because I was just wanting to enjoy moments with my kids. I've just been loving Jeff at home lately and I feel like I don't want to miss him. miss any moment of him. He has the mood swings of a teenage girl and a major sweet tooth, but mostly I just call him my squishy. It's really the best word for him. squishy. His hair is so soft and his laugh is so contagious.
Hanging with new friends.
 They had these story times down at discovery green where they gave you a TON of free stuff. Jeff's favorites were probably the train ride and
 I love his cheesy smile...
 ... definitely kayaking. It was such a cool experience for us to have together. I have to admit that Aria's been a…

'Let the kids...' are giving away a seat!

and I would oh so love to be in that seat at this crazy awesome workshop..... so I'm being brave and giving it a try... :)
Here goes nothing!