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This cute little kid was 7 days old and he does not follow the rules when it's suggested to him that newborns are supposed to sleep all the time. Closed his eyes for maybe 20  minutes while I was there. He's so super cute though and he has one beautiful mama.
This table was made by his great great grandfather. However, as you will notice, it's tile. babies do not like cold.... so the two pictures we got on this adorable thing were either screaming or binky.
Ah... now I'm all shnuggly and warm.
I love the little hairs on their back and their teeny tiny toes. So cute.
She has the Momma's touch.
See.... Wide open. So cute!
Thanks for a wonderful visit. You have the sweetest family and the most adorable house.


This is my nephew. He's cute, huh? His nickname is Fenway. Still not great at the whole newborn thing. But will get better in time. :)

{slice of life}

I'm sad that I missed the deadline for this contest over at my usual place of contest. But I just had to post it. This is Saturday morning at our house.... After we make our pancakes. :)

{sun flare}

This little guy always sucks his thumb. I Love him dearly. He was watching his sister feed the ducks. And he was 4 hours past nap time. Pretty cheerful considering how tired he was. Sunshine is so beautiful this time of year. Here's to Sunny days ahead!

{february face}

Yes... I want that cupcake too.

fabulous eh?

it's a contest over at!

{my 'baby' sister}

Is having a baby of her own. As of now, they're taking name suggestions. I can't believe she's going to be a Mommy. I'm so proud to be her sister. I can't wait to meet my new nephew. He will be adorable... or maybe strong... or maybe awesome.... :)
Isn't she pretty?

 Mitzi thinks she's pretty important. She's probably right. :)