{robert & erin}

These people have become some of our greatest friends here. We are devastated that they will be moving soon. Glad I could finally get them some 'good pictures' for them. Apparently every other attempt has been unsuccessful. They're such a good example of a healthy marriage and I really admire them. They always seem to be laughing with each other. I LOVED this shoot.

for keeps.

 Any of you watch Studio C? Apparently they weren't sure what to do with their hands...
 The following picture was my brother's favorite portrait... checkout his commentary..
Devin: "I hope this ends soon so I can hang out with my friends."
Nate (The one-look/face wonder): "I need to squint my eye and open my mouth just enough to get my sexiest look out of me."
Aubrey: "Nate!!! Get your hand away from my hair."
Jeff: "Is that gum? or a quarter? Either way, I want it!"
Mom: "Ugh. I think Mitzi just leaked on my sweater..."
Mitzi: "I may be blind, but I can sense a camera. So I'm going to cross my legs like a true lady"
Dad: HAHA! I don't have to suck in anymore to look as skinny as I did in previous year's family photos."
Aria: I just won a marathon!
Jared: "Ah yeah, if I'm good I get ice cream after this"
Carly: "This ground is disgusting, I can't believe I'm sitting down."
Charlotte: "Ugh, sorry guys, this is the best look I can give while I'm pooping."
Chelsea: " Whoa. I can feel Charlotte's stomach bubbling in my right hand.."
Isaac: "Something is wrong with that bird."
Tyler: "My knees are getting tired."
 Now he issued a challenge... to compete for the best answers... Here's what I came up with..
Devin: "I guess if there's ice cream involved..."
Nate: "Think of something funny... Think of something funny.. I think I can.. I think I can..."
Aubrey:"You'd think Jeff would get used to this whole process by now. Come on!!"
Jeff: "This is taking SO long...."
Mom:"What is that smell?"
Mitzi:"Maybe they won't notice."
Dad:"I look good, I know it...I look good... I show it!"
Aria: "Gimme an A!, Gimme an R! Gimme an I! Gimme an A! What's that spell?"
Jared: "Double-chin.. be gone!!!"
Carly: "This family is cuh-raz-eee!!! What have I gotten my self into??"
Charlotte: "Stranger danger?"
Chelsea: "What in the world is he doing? It's totally not working... Isaac!"
Isaac: "Are those clouds made of cotton candy? I like cotton candy!"
Tyler: "Just keep smiling, Just keep smiling.. smiling smiling smiling "


 I could go on and on about how amazing this power couple is. I've never been more impressed with a family in all my life.
 She is an incredible athlete.
 He's a doctor. and a bishop.
 Every single one of their kids have major personality.
 It was so fun to get to be a part of these first few days with this guy and his Mommy.
 Such a treasure.


They came back! I just love this family.

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