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{piano hands}

The theme at this week is 'anything but a face'. My family is very musical we spend much of our Sunday's right here on this heirloom piano. This piano is over 100 years old and this will be the 5th generation of piano players learning how to play on this piano of mine. I am grateful for these hands on this piano that make my life full of music and love. Head on over there to see some non-faces.

p.s. notice the tongue? He's obviously trying very hard to outplay his Daddy.


In honor of Go Red for Women and Valentine's Day. is doing a special contest on red. I'd been racking my brain on ways to be creative or stand out or use some awesome props. And believe me, I have some awesome props in red. I even have a pillow that says Call Your Mother all in red capital letters. However I was relaxing on the couch with my husband a few nights ago and all of a sudden he turns to me and says. Is that your heart beat or mine? So we test it to find out. As I take my own pulse I realize that my heart rate is BELOW 60. We're talking athlete heart rate. I've been really struggling with my body image lately wondering why I can't get those last few pounds off from baby J. But as I listened to my own HEALTHY heart rate I realized that I have a beautiful strong body. Full of power and in good health. I'm training for my first 5K in march. Don't worry... that's a HUGE feat for me. It may be a little more difficult to zip up those …

{happy heart day!}

Love, A
Feel the wind in your hair.
 Have your cake and eat it too.
Feel beautiful in your skin.

{i heart...}

This little pumpkin. We like playing love-heart-toe during February. She's just now beginning to understand how to play it and it's so much fun. She gets so excited every time I win AND everytime she wins. She looks so good in wind. They're having a contest over at It must have a heart. My entry has two. Little ones. in pink. Stay tuned for more awesome ones from this windy adventure.
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