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Whimsy... I think of Alice in Wonderland. I think. Does anyone really know what it means? Me either. But for some reason... this sentence sounds good to me:
There's nothing more whimsical than a couple of best friends... leaping like frogs... in their dresses.
and trust me when I say that these two are BEST friends. 

Check out iheartfaces for more definitions of 'whimsy'. 

{let's hear it for the boys!}

Can you believe it? I'm back! And I'm going again full force. I thought this shot was PERFECT for my come-back. I took pictures of this adorable little guy, shortly before I moved and man... he is definitely gonna be a football player. All chunk and boy is he FAST. I love the light. I love the natural smiles on Daddy and boy. I love that they're enjoying the moment. I love the evening sunshine.

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strength and love

This little family exudes such strength and love. I can't get enough of them. This beautiful woman was my walking buddy. I say was, because I just moved. I was so sad to leave them behind. Now I'll have to find a new way to exercize. Her hubby was just diagnosed with cancer and they've had a complete upheaval of their lives. They STILL have it all together. I'm so impressed with them. Their faith and strength will get them there. You can tell they really love each other. I'm so proud to call them my friends. But they're pretty darn cute too... Hope you enjoy!

Rem rem

This family was just darling!!! The little guy is SO energetic. I don't know how this Mom does it. She's an amazing working Mom, and  I've had the pleasure of getting to know the oldest teaching her piano. She's adorable. Enjoy this fun session!