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{innocent wonder}

One of the things that makes children so wonderful, is that they are so curious about the world. How would it be to wonder so much about the world that you stick anything and everything in your mouth, just to see what it tasted like. I love when babies are this age. They have a wonderful curiosity, a love of life and big eyes full of wonder. What I wouldn't give to put myself in their shoes and really appreciate life for what it is. Toes, for the way they're shaped to support my body. The joy I can get from just being outside in a wonderful body in a wonderful world.

This wonderful competition is over at   There's a ton of talent over there! Check it out.

{winter wonderland}

These are especially hard to find round here. I feel a little gypped. But I did my best. At least we can see snow from our house, right? That way we get the benefits of the beauty and we get to dress like this. Totally warm, possibly 65 degrees in this picture. In our own little way. THIS is our winter wonderland. We get to venture outside and PRETEND like we're getting some air on our snowboards. AND we get to do all other sorts of things like play tennis, go running, and play at the park. I give my husband props for his excellent modeling skills.

And that mountain's not that far away. If we want to we can go sledding anytime we want. :)... or snowboarding... you pick. :)

This is for a contest over at

The snow pics over there are GORGEOUS. It ALMOST makes me wish I lived there. :)

I placed!!!!

Seriously! I was on cloud 9 when I found out. And I just have to say... possibly the best birthday present ever!


i heart faces does weekly challenges and I've made it a goal to start doing them. Should be a year full of fun! I LOVED checking out some of the smiles. Seriously makes me smile.

I had these great intentions to get WONDERFUL pictures of my darling daughter. It was SO windy that it didn't work for me. I left the shoot feeling frustrated and about ready to give up the camera... well,.... for the day. But I got home and looked and got THIS!!! Possibly my favorite picture ever. It makes me laugh!

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