i heart faces does weekly challenges and I've made it a goal to start doing them. Should be a year full of fun! I LOVED checking out some of the smiles. Seriously makes me smile.

I had these great intentions to get WONDERFUL pictures of my darling daughter. It was SO windy that it didn't work for me. I left the shoot feeling frustrated and about ready to give up the camera... well,.... for the day. But I got home and looked and got THIS!!! Possibly my favorite picture ever. It makes me laugh!

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I love this smile! So much joy! She is precious ... love the long hair, too! Such a great capture ... the wind definitely worked in your favor on this one!! :)
Great smile, I can totally imagine how she's feeling! Well done. Just proves you gotta keep shooting - you never know what surprises wait.
Wow. I love this picture. It is so heart warming. Totally and completely adorable! Congratulations on being a winner this week. So well deserved!
Congrats on a winning photo. I love it!
Errin said…
yay! congrats on placing!!!

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