I've been inspired by my friend. She's had a rough couple of months. Even though the challenges I've had are infinitely smaller than hers, somehow I feel connected to her.  Her challenge started like this:

"Last night was a hard night to fall asleep. I laid on Eric's chest sobbing, soaking his shirt with my tears. The day was not easy. There was a lot of contention between us. Feeling helpless is not an easy feeling to deal with, when help is out of your grasp. We were both upset, not knowing what to do, where to turn, and who to talk to in order to get the help we need." - L. Marsing

Her husband had just been diagnosed with testicular cancer. This is how I would feel the next morning. Wrapped in my husbands shirt. Just to smell him. The way he is. To be alone. in my bathroom. Feeling so small. helpless.

Praying to God that it would be alright. Just that it would be alright.

And then to have to live my day. and meet him once more. and think

"This is heartbreaking and scary, and once again I feel helpless. I [am] grateful to have a loving husband wrap his arms around me, and let me cry to him. This day was not easy, but it is over."
 -L. Marsing

Very powerful. Inspiring woman. I'm proud to call her my friend. She is so grateful for things I've taken for granted.

This is me, self portrait. In my husbands shirt, in my bathroom. and my humble representation of her.

It's a contest over at iheartfaces.com . They've definitely inspired me to expand my horizons.


Such a calming image. Beautiful!
Schaneon said…
Beautiful! I'm so sorry for your friend and her husband. My thoughts and prayers are with them.
Anonymous said…
Wow! prayers to your friend.
Great shot for the challenge too.
Anonymous said…
I think POWERFUL is a very good word to describe this photo! WOW...simply stunning!
Anonymous said…
I first looked at the photo and felt some peace and calmness. Then I read the story. Completely changed the photo for me. Although it's light and bright, it now conveys sadness and hope at the same time. Prayers to your friend...

You are beautiful!
Very power image and story! GodSpeed!
schtanzerl said…
she must love that, great picture
Wowie! This is absolutely stunning. I love the unconventional composition...so pretty.
Sharon said…
beautiful for so many reasons!
Anonymous said…
This is very pretty. I like it a lot. Very calming and peaceful.
jessica said…
wow such a very powerful image and touching story ... love and prayers to your friend.
I am so sorry for your friend. How terrible. Your picture is lovely.
Allyssa said…
wow!!! I've missed reading your blog... you have amazing pictures and have come so far in your photography! i'm so impressed! GORGEOUS picture.
Absolutely beautiful shot. Sending up prayers for your friend and her husband.

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