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{St. George tmeple}

So this is where I got married. About the time of year these pictures were taken. I'm a pretty lucky girl. This one is my favorite.
 The Mormon church has a lot of things going for it, but being able to get married in a real life castle is pretty high up there on the lists. The promises we make here are pretty awesome too.
 My Mom wanted a print from my own creation for Christmas. She chose the one above. I think I created some unique perspectives. I think I'm also the only one who tried to take pictures of this massive building with a 50 mm prime lens. I probably should have called one of my photog friends in St. George to see if I could borrow some equipment, but what was a girl to do. That's all I had.
I'm happy to answer any questions about my faith. 
and I may be willing to disclose full versions of these prints to anyone who wants them for a small price. email me and we'll talk. :)

hugs and kisses

They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything.  - Bil Keane

Do they love each other?


Do they always act like it?


Was this a miracle?


Things I love about it?

Her hand in his hair. That's probably my favorite thing to do. The look of happiness on her face. His arms around her.  

and the light.

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