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{bettering myself}

My photogtraphy had kinda been put on hold for a little while and I've been able to really expand and read and devour everything lately and I've been loving it. I've convinced myself that I love my journey that I always want to do better but I have to recognize that I will never have the equipment I WANT, or the computer I NEED, but I will always have my beautiful kids and beautiful moments that I want to remember. So... I've been learning how to make the most of every situation.

I love my son. Getting him warmed up to moving to Texas. :) We took this at the local orchard in Las Vegas. Love it!

My Grandpa participates in the Huntsman World Senior Games every year in St. George and as he is getting older he gets more and more worn out. I thought this was so cute, the basketball in the perfect position, I couldn't have planned it better. I love you Grandpa!

Mr. P.  LOVES to play guitar on Sunday mornings. Somedays I find it annoying and insensitive because I'm s…