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oh so silly

I gave birth to a boy with major loads of personality. He has many expressions. But this is one of my favorite. Laughing out loud, eyes closed. As if he can hide in it or something. He just makes my heart melt.
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my cousin sadie

I was just there to observe and watch and I had a wonderful time practicing on this couple that is absolutely perfect for each other. They are both so fun! It was incredible to be with them.Don't be too harsh on my lighting techniques. the sun was terrible and there was no open shade and I wasn't their photographer so I couldn't put them where I wanted them... :) So here you go.... from mine eyes.

the book

This book. It has no plot. It has no story. It has no characters. It is simply a book of words.

And somehow, my daughter thinks it's the most fascinating book on the planet and has loved it her whole life. Does that mean she'll read Encyclopedias when she grows up? I hope so. I hope she reads whatever she wants.

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family fun

I have a great belief in families. That they can be fun, uplifting, a shelter from the world a great place for growth and trials but best of all happy... oh so happy. I love that EVERYONE in this photo exudes joy. Pure joy.
"Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord, Jesus Christ." -The Family: A Proclamation to the World. (LDS church) This family exemplifies such happiness.

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{favorite face 2011}

Pretty sure this kid has the best face of 2011. Anytime you look at him, there's no such thing as boring. Sad, happy, mad, excited, surprised. He could be an actor with that face. Anyone who knows him, knows his awesome scowl. But what they don't know is that his smiles are just as awesome.

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