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One of the things that makes children so wonderful, is that they are so curious about the world. How would it be to wonder so much about the world that you stick anything and everything in your mouth, just to see what it tasted like. I love when babies are this age. They have a wonderful curiosity, a love of life and big eyes full of wonder. What I wouldn't give to put myself in their shoes and really appreciate life for what it is. Toes, for the way they're shaped to support my body. The joy I can get from just being outside in a wonderful body in a wonderful world.

This wonderful competition is over at iheartfaces.com   There's a ton of talent over there! Check it out.

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Rachel said…
So sweet! I absolutely love it when they do this. Great photo.
Perfectly adorable. Love this picture. So very sweet : )
Whitney said…
i LOVE this!!!
babies playing with their feet is the best and this is such a great angle.
Bradford4Him said…
That is my favorite thing that infants do! I LOVE when they "find" their toes! Sweet shot.
Oh I love it! Perfect entry for this week!. It's so great when babies do that. Cute photo. I like the angle you shot this from.
Anonymous said…
How precious! I absolutely love it when babies "discover" their feet, so cute!!
Jen Gehring said…
beautiful, I love the lighting! And I do love this stage in life as well!
Raquel said…
Oh that is the sweetest! I need to start doing the the Iheartfaces stuff, it looks like fun! I seriously love looking at your blog!
Raquel said…
Oh and Why I swithed..I was reading so many good things about Nikon and all my favorite photographers were using Nikon. It was time for an upgrade anyway. But I could not be more pleased with my Nikon!

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