In honor of Go Red for Women and Valentine's Day. ihearfaces.com is doing a special contest on red. I'd been racking my brain on ways to be creative or stand out or use some awesome props. And believe me, I have some awesome props in red. I even have a pillow that says Call Your Mother all in red capital letters. However I was relaxing on the couch with my husband a few nights ago and all of a sudden he turns to me and says. Is that your heart beat or mine? So we test it to find out. As I take my own pulse I realize that my heart rate is BELOW 60. We're talking athlete heart rate. I've been really struggling with my body image lately wondering why I can't get those last few pounds off from baby J. But as I listened to my own HEALTHY heart rate I realized that I have a beautiful strong body. Full of power and in good health. I'm training for my first 5K in march. Don't worry... that's a HUGE feat for me. It may be a little more difficult to zip up those pants, but my heart is the healthiest it's ever been. I'm proud of all the work I put into it. Here's me in my confident new/ or not so new body. But with a whole new outlook on me. Check out all the red over there.

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Angie said…
OK not only do I LOVE the composition and the red pop here, I also love the story that goes with the picture. I wish you all the luck in the world for the 5k and congrats on all the progress! You go, girl! -Angie {http://www.angierayphotography.com/blog}
Tirzah said…
Great story! Love how you incorporated the red. Awesome.
Kayla O'Hern said…
Great picture and Great work! Good luck on the 5K!
Laura Metzger said…
Fantastic. Love red shirt! And the leading lines are pretty cool too. Nice work.
Great story, and beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing!

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