for keeps.

 Any of you watch Studio C? Apparently they weren't sure what to do with their hands...
 The following picture was my brother's favorite portrait... checkout his commentary..
Devin: "I hope this ends soon so I can hang out with my friends."
Nate (The one-look/face wonder): "I need to squint my eye and open my mouth just enough to get my sexiest look out of me."
Aubrey: "Nate!!! Get your hand away from my hair."
Jeff: "Is that gum? or a quarter? Either way, I want it!"
Mom: "Ugh. I think Mitzi just leaked on my sweater..."
Mitzi: "I may be blind, but I can sense a camera. So I'm going to cross my legs like a true lady"
Dad: HAHA! I don't have to suck in anymore to look as skinny as I did in previous year's family photos."
Aria: I just won a marathon!
Jared: "Ah yeah, if I'm good I get ice cream after this"
Carly: "This ground is disgusting, I can't believe I'm sitting down."
Charlotte: "Ugh, sorry guys, this is the best look I can give while I'm pooping."
Chelsea: " Whoa. I can feel Charlotte's stomach bubbling in my right hand.."
Isaac: "Something is wrong with that bird."
Tyler: "My knees are getting tired."
 Now he issued a challenge... to compete for the best answers... Here's what I came up with..
Devin: "I guess if there's ice cream involved..."
Nate: "Think of something funny... Think of something funny.. I think I can.. I think I can..."
Aubrey:"You'd think Jeff would get used to this whole process by now. Come on!!"
Jeff: "This is taking SO long...."
Mom:"What is that smell?"
Mitzi:"Maybe they won't notice."
Dad:"I look good, I know it...I look good... I show it!"
Aria: "Gimme an A!, Gimme an R! Gimme an I! Gimme an A! What's that spell?"
Jared: "Double-chin.. be gone!!!"
Carly: "This family is cuh-raz-eee!!! What have I gotten my self into??"
Charlotte: "Stranger danger?"
Chelsea: "What in the world is he doing? It's totally not working... Isaac!"
Isaac: "Are those clouds made of cotton candy? I like cotton candy!"
Tyler: "Just keep smiling, Just keep smiling.. smiling smiling smiling "


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