my little girl... looking for seashells... on the beach. We had so much fun swimming, playing and planning art projects to use these seashells in.

Things I love: the wind in her hair, the waves rolling in, the intent look on her face, and the reflection of her arm in the water sodden sand.
Much more water over at iheartfaces.com


This is breathtaking...great job!
Anonymous said…
nicely done, the expression, processing, etc - all working nicely here.
Anonymous said…
Oh this is amazing! I LOVE the composition and that beautiful blue sky! But that beautiful little girl just takes the cake! :D
Anonymous said…
Aubrey, you were kind enough to comment on my Water Challenge photo so wanted to check out yours and I'm so glad I did! What a beautiful shot - I want to be there! Love your background and watermark signature. So pretty. I wish I would have chosen Blogspot over WordPress cause they have so many pretty backgrounds. Too late now. Good luck. Mary
I love this! Totally makes me miss the beach and the east coast. :) Beautiful little girl and your processing is really pretty!

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