{you're my best friend}

I realize that my post may be a little biased this time, but I am in love with these two and they totally love each other. They hug and kiss and protect, just like siblings should, but they also step on each other, bite, hit and pinch... just like siblings do. This really needed a series of pictures to show how hard they worked to get this kite up together. You can almost see little J willing that Kite up with his head. They do things like this together all the time. For some reason, they're able to communicate on a whole other level. I'm so proud to call them mine. At least in this post... :)
Look at the other friends over at iheartfaces.com. It's a contest!


What a lovely picture. Absolutely gorgeous!
Teachinfourth said…
This is a wonderful photo...the location is fantastic.

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