{a little touch of sunshine}

Just there... on the top of his head... making his blonde hair look even blonder.... And that quirky smile. And the drool. And those big beautiful hazel eyes where I can't ever figure out what color they are. I know he's doing something mischievous. Look at that sparkle in his eyes... definitely mischievous. That's what makes him a little touch of sunshine. There's some beautiful backlighting in some of the photos over at iheartfaces.com.
 Go be inspired.


Nicole said…
Adorable little guy! Love the photo!
Angelina said…
Beautiful photo! His eyes are gorgeous!
MG Atwood said…
Adorable. The sparkle in the eyes is priceless!
Karen said…
You did capture all the things you wrote about him! Way to go Aubrey!

(what font are you using?)
Courtney said…
Thank you for the sweet comment love on my own iheartfaces photo! This is a wonderful picture of your sweet boy! I, too, love when I can capture an honest, true representation of my own boys. This is just beautiful!

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